Case Study


Leverage the existing “3D Prophecy” franchise to drive excitement for Season 4B of Vikings.


Activate the interest earned in Season 4A when “3D Prophecy” was initially launched to deliver even more of what we know Vikings fans love: authenticity. So in the second iteration of this content franchise, we doubled down on authenticity to encourage our most rabid and dedicated fans to amplify the content each week.

Partnering with 3D Brooklyn once again, items featured in the weekly installments were 3D scans of actual props used on-set. Footage of the scanning was captured on-set so that fans could spot shots of familiar on-air locations.

This time around, knowing that fans wanted as much on-set footage as possible, we featured only a single on-screen narrator and cut down on the narration in general—allowing time for more episode footage.

With these small, but critical adjustments we accomplished two things at once—increased excitement and conversation throughout the season as well a brand-new franchise providing unique, exclusive content for our fans.


With almost 34 million lifetime impressions, the second campaign increased engagement with the core fan base by nearly 2.5 million impressions. Overall views and comments also increased, while the cost per impression went down. Throughout the second season, total impressions for each episode continued to rise with every episode, proving that fans had come to anticipate “3D Prophecy” as a part of their Vikings’ viewing tradition.