Case Studies

Humbug Christmas: A Digital Advertising Funnel



Humbug Christmas, an immersive alternative Christmas experience, wanted an innovative digital plan to cut through the market saturation in the lead-up to Christmas. With a small budget, limited inventory and multiple immersive experiences fighting for festive customers, we needed to stand out from the crowd.

What We Did

Digital Media Buying

Digital Media Planning


In order to maximise our smaller budget and a relatively short runway, we focused the majority of our budget on META only. With META’s ability to use first-party buyer data, coupled with innovative audience targets which would be less competitive than festive keyword targeting, we were able to identify niche audiences with high intent to purchase. Media performance was facilitated by a strong library of creative assets which explicitly explained what the experience was through video content and fan reviews coupled with price point messaging to ensure we were able to move people quickly from initial consideration to conversion, while maximising our budget for the greatest impact. 





Pre Sale Sign Ups


Sold Out Performances