Case Study


Jagged Little Pill, a new musical in its first year on Broadway, was closed suddenly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As their digital agency of record, our role quickly shifted from building community and driving ticket sales, to maximizing opportunities for online engagement with the passionate fans of the show in a way that extended far beyond the boundaries of a single theater. Soon after the show halted performances, our team set out to create a virtual event that would accomplish goals including:

  • Bringing the Jagged Little Pill community together in a time when Broadway was shut down and people felt isolated
  • Reaching new audiences beyond our existing Jagged Little Pill community
  • Raising money for The Actors Fund—a cause our cast, creative team, and fans care about


We brought Jagged Little Pill and American Express together in partnership to produce an hour-long livestream event on Facebook and YouTube with Alanis Morissette and the cast of Jagged Little Pill. This event, ultimately known as “You Live, You Learn: A Night With Alanis Morissette and Jagged Little Pill” was a great opportunity to collaborate across our agency teams and push the boundaries of live video during a time of social distancing. 

Some of the key elements of the event execution involved:

  • Creating a Facebook event to house all the information about the livestream and bring fans from around the world together to build anticipation, while providing an opportunity for data capture and enhanced remarketing opportunities through this method of event registration
  • Launching a contest asking our online community to submit covers of their favorite Jagged Little Pill song to be featured in the live stream
  • Meticulous pre-production on the part of our Video team and wider Creative team to harness all moving parts into a strategic event brief and seamless run of show 
  • Virtual talent coordination with participants spread across the country in which we provided ample resources and rehearsal time prior to filming
  • Filming in a virtual studio to streamline the many show components and create a familiar and safe environment for talent
  • Surprising a deserving fan of the show who was on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis with tickets to the show and a video chat with the cast 
  • Editing pre-recorded cast videos that became fully-realized ensemble music numbers 
  • Capturing live interviews and discussions that were self-filmed under the remote direction of the Situation team to tie all of our individual segments together and bring the show to life

When the world tuned in together to watch on Facebook Premiere and YouTube Premiere, the final event was full of reunions, exclusive performances, and surprises for the fans! 


24-Hour Organic Performance Highlights 

  • Total Views: Nearly 300k organic views across platforms 
  • Total Reach: 447,175 
  • Website Traffic: spiked by 840% (90% new visitors), compared to the week prior
  • YouTube Trending Tab: The video remained on the Trending tab on YouTube after the Premiere aired, in the #25, #27 and #32 spots
  • Newsletter Subscribers: Increased by 10% since the sweeps announcement

One-Week Performance Highlights

Following the initial 24-hour organic period, we put a paid spend behind the video on Facebook and our views there increased to 800k, bringing our total across platforms to about 1M within the first week. Our views and reach more than tripled during that week and we saw more than an 11x increase in impressions. Specific stats from that first week include:

  • Total Views: 1,078,747
  • Total Reach: 1,534,469
  • Total Impressions: 5,631,050
  • Total Engagements: 73,696