Case Study


Inspiring inclusive communities, challenging inherent bias, and making deeper connections by starting conversations—these are just a few of the actions inspired daily by Love Has No Labels, the world-renowned campaign from the Ad Council. Their mission is clear: a world in which love overcomes all. 

As the social agency of record for Love Has No Labels, our job is to amplify that mission through a robust social media strategy. Using a combination of cleverly-designed graphics, user-generated content, and bold statistics, we fill Love has No Labels’ social platforms with acts of love and inclusivity.


When it comes to social content, our aim was not simply to highlight stories of people overcoming bias, but to leverage diverse platform features to inspire engagement from our audience. We wanted to tap into the world unfolding around us, capitalizing on relevant, real-time moments to directly ignite social conversation across today’s issues.

Of course, we don’t stop after we hit “post.” We assigned dedicated community managers to encourage positivity by amplifying and engaging daily with positive conversations. They drive people to take action and learn more, allowing the avid Love Has No Labels community a space where they can speak freely.


Since partnering with us, Love Has No Labels has seen increased site visits, major growth in social followers, and a 24% increase in engagement on Instagram. Every day, we continue to highlight their important work with pride.