Case Study


Situation came on board as the social agency of record to develop campaign content and drive social engagement for the “America, Let’s Do Lunch” campaign. Our role quickly evolved to become Meals on Wheels America’s digital agency of record where our focus is on developing strategies to enhance advocacy as well as grassroots fundraising for the national organization.

The Solution:

America, Let’s Do Lunch: Through this campaign with the Ad Council, we made the story personal by highlighting the seniors who depend on Meals on Wheels America and the fulfilling experience of the volunteers who connect with them. We amplified the work of influencers who volunteered with Meals on Wheels America. And finally, we asked our audience to get involved and see for themselves how rewarding the volunteer experience can be.

#SaveLunch: During the “America, Let’s Do Lunch” campaign, the President issued the Fiscal Year 2018 “Skinny Budget”, which called for massive cuts to grants that fund Meals on Wheels programs. This shifted our focus to advocacy and fundraising, where we quickly reacted to issues and turned them into opportunities. In the summer of 2017, we launched #SaveLunch on social, an advocacy and fundraising campaign that inspired our community to raise their voices in support.

Innovative Fundraising: During the end of year campaign, we began experimenting with new types of fundraising. This included Facebook ads that encouraged our community to develop their own Facebook fundraisers.

The Results:

Our successes in the America, Let’s Do Lunch campaign and beyond led to the growth of our relationship with Meals On Wheels America. As their digital agency of record, we led the strategic approach to their 2018 Year-End Campaign and have begun to implement digital solutions and long-term digital strategies that will enhance their advocacy and development efforts, in addition to increasing their overall visibility, for years to come. Some recent results include:

Increases in the size of all of their social communities:

-Facebook: 102%
-Instagram: 842%
-Twitter: 1,124%

And a 19% YOY increase in the number of new donors to Meals on Wheels America.