Case Study


Create a new online home for The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) that reflects their rebranded visual identity and presents users with an intuitive experience that prioritizes ticket sales while still highlighting the breadth of the organization.


We started the discovery process with NJPAC by leading multiple departments through a series of user-centric workshops to identify the online resources that were crucial to their visitors. Once we defined the updated site architecture and 3rd party integrations, our design team employed a mobile-first and accessibility-conscious mindset in the creation of the overall “design system” that would be used throughout the project. We followed an Agile production schedule to continually iterate and refine key sections of the site through the build process.


The new instantly elevated the visual appeal of the organization online. The redesigned sites also streamlined the number of clicks required for visitors to complete transactions such as purchasing tickets, making donations, signing up for programs or classes, or interacting with NJPAC’s social media channels.