Case Study


Get football fans talking about the NFL Experience Times Square by leveraging excitement around the 2017 NFL Draft.


Give these fans their own chance to be DRAFTED—and possibly win a trip to New York City—with the help of an online app, a GIF builder called NFLX DRAFTED.

NFLX DRAFTED let users create custom NFL fan GIFs, complete with their favorite team’s logo and signature rallying cry. The app made the process easy: choose your team, upload your photo, approve, and share.

Every GIF created meant more chances to win. The prize? A trip to New York City and an invitation to be among the first inside the NFL Experience Times Square—the Big Apple’s new must-see attraction.

The contest ran over the two weeks surrounding the Draft, when chatter and excitement were at their highest. In the end, iHeartRadio personality Garret V announced the randomly selected winner via Facebook Live in the heart of our client’s future home, Times Square.


From the 49ers Faithful to Billievers in Buffalo, fans everywhere jumped in on the action, spurring 1.3 million impressions on Twitter alone. NFLX DRAFTED tapped into the passion of NFL fandom during one of the most anticipated and talked about league-wide events of the year. And, like the NFL Experience itself, DRAFTED gave fans a chance to step into the game.