Case Study


Amplifying a culture of gratitude, one supporter at a time. 


During the early months of 2020, Situation worked alongside Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry team to share messages of help and hope on their social channels in response to increased national attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. While their mission to end childhood hunger became increasingly urgent and No Kid Hungry was fielding a higher volume of informational inquiries on their social channels than ever before, it was important to the organization that they show their appreciation for the thousands of “Hunger Heroes” who offered support during this critical period of crisis. We created a plan to embody No Kid Hungry’s culture of gratitude by helping them to personally say “thank you” to their supporters—and not just a special few.


We extended the organization’s value of creating human, authentic connections with all of their supporters through a seven-day outreach campaign, personally thanking more than 6,000 supporters across social media. Our primary objectives, beyond emphasizing the No Kid Hungry culture of gratitude, were to deepen the connection between No Kid Hungry and their supporters and to drive awareness of the organization and its COVID-19 response. To achieve these awareness and engagement goals, we focused our approach on a direct outreach campaign.

The elements of our direct outreach efforts were simple and scalable. We drafted personalized posts and direct messages to share across Twitter and Instagram with donors, chefs, and volunteers, as well as influential and everyday voices raising awareness for our cause—thanking them for their support and using the hashtags #NoKidHungry and #ThankAHungerHero. To enhance some of our posts and deliver on the authentically human connection we wanted to establish with our supporters, we attached video messages from a range of No Kid Hungry’s team members that accompanied our written thanks. 

To quickly expand the reach of our messages, we called on our team of community managers to bring this campaign to life. Over the course of seven days, we sent direct messages and tweets to thousands of hunger heroes, engaging with many of them in real-time. As our messages went out, we reached supporters of all kinds—from celebrities, micro-influencers, small businesses, and local brands to food workers, on-the-ground volunteers, chefs, and everyday people—who had stepped up to help No Kid Hungry’s mission in their own ways. While the hundreds and then thousands of people and organizations we reached with personal messages grew more diverse with each passing day, one core message shone through across social channels: the power of our community comes from the shared strength of our hunger heroes.


Celebrities, organizations, brands, and the general public expressed gratitude and pleasant surprise in response to their personal thank you messages through likes, shares, and replies across social platforms. Some of the key statistics we saw as a result of our campaign included:

  • Earned Impressions: We saw more than 2M earned, organic impressions on Twitter and reached out to more than 6,000 supporters across all social platforms.
  • Hashtag Usage: #ThankAHungerHero was used more than 11,000 times on Twitter alone.
  • Influential Replies: Celebrities and organizations that replied had a combined total of 59,836,168 social followers. Some examples of influential responses are included below.
  • Social Growth: Total followers grew by +4,457 in the 7-day period across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is a +28% increase compared to the previous week.